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What's She Like?


   Curious      Genuine      Playful      Charm   

 An escapade to remember. 

Feel the natural ease of my demeanor and give way to the comfort of exploring our connection. I revel in anticipation and the allure to discover new ways of feeling fabulous.


 What's your fondest memory of pure joy? 


I live to laugh and I’m playful at heart. Getting silly and engaged with my authentic self helps me stay balanced. I love dressing up, games with stakes, lighthearted trickery, and whimsical surprises.

My genuine smile and enticing green eyes will be the first thing to capture your attention. However, it's my fruitful imagination, mischievous wit, and adventurous spirit that will keep your fascination fueled and

enhance the intrigue that brought you by in the first place.

The door opens. I greet you with a smile as I pull you into a full embrace and we drink in each other’s essence. I take your hand and lead you to sit close, legs intertwined, as we get comfy. My hand lingers on your shoulder and the back of your neck. I lean in, you catch a hint of my aroma, floral and earthy. Our lips touch, my kiss, like Bourbon, tickles your tongue and heats your insides. You trace the outline of my body, the peak and valley of my hip and waist. I exhale a breath of fresh pleasure. Let’s begin…

“The thing you have to understand about learning her is that you are truly never done learning her.”


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