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Toronto Independent Companion

Toronto Independent Companion

“She loves moonlight and rain storms and so many other things that have soul.”



What Fills Her Up?

I can’t envision my life without music and dancing. I love how a song can bring me back to a specific moment in time, or set the perfect mood. I listen to an array of genres and can’t resist moving when the beat catches me. I wonder what will be on our playlist.

Shall I hold a spot for you on my dance card?


Exploration, adventure and connecting with nature brings me joy. Earthy and refined, I am just as enthusiastic to gather and chop wood as I am to spend an afternoon being pampered at a Nordic spa. I feel most grounded and nourished when surrounded by the elements. 

 Food fills me up! 


I balance cleaner eating with my more indulgent, decadent tastes. I love to cook and make up new dishes or recreate something I’ve eaten. I am a gracious host; however, I also love being treated to restaurant gems. I'm 

particularly fond of dishes that are meant for sharing.


 Frisky Fact:  I get excited by foods that contain a pit, require the use of your hands, or where sucking is needed to obtain the goods. Think cherries, olives, figs, crab legs, edamame, wings, artichokes or oysters.


Invite me out. Let’s connect over drinks, conversation and a good laugh while we satiate our hunger and arouse our appetite for affection.

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