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“Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.” 
~Brian Tracy

Generosity never loses its lustre. If you have a taste for pampering a gal, I will graciously accept your kind favour. I love surprises and thoughtful gifts and am grateful for all efforts to indulge me.

For those who need some hints about the kinds of things I would appreciate, here is a handy reference:

 Size & Style Guide 

Curves          36E-27-43

Dress Size      6 or Medium

Shoe Size       8.5 US/39 EU

Hosiery Size    4       

Bra Style       Unlined



Panty Size      Large or 5

Panty Style     Brazilian or


~I am a collector of magical treasures; books, herbs, crystals, or  unique artifacts.

~A lover of rocks, nature and all things mystical.

~Help feed my fetish for fabulous stockings.

~Corsets, latex and leather, yes please!

~I love to eat? Fill me up. Please note, I am gluten sensitive & allergic to dates.

~Culinary gadgets & wares are a delightful addition to my kitchen.

~I’m a crafty DIY gal. Tools and art supplies will be well used.

~Feline friendly plants are a sure smile-maker.

~I like to write, surprise me with fine tip pens and unlined journals.

~Take me shopping. Trying things on ensures a perfect fit with an  exclusive preview.

~Get more inspiration by visiting my Wishlist.

Her Personality & Pursuits

Gift Card Ideas

Cuisine & Libations

Bubbly or Blanton’s Bourbon

Gluten-free Goodies

Goat Cheese – Beamster is tops!

Fruit & Berries

Chips – my ultimate weakness

Dark Chocolate - w/ salt or nuts

Pet Valu – prezis for my puss are purrrfect!

Health & Wellness

Art & Visuals

Tattoo Fund

Photoshoot Grants


I would also be filled with gratitude if you would consider donating to one of the following amazing initiatives: 


Rainbow Railroad

Maggie's Toronto


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