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  The magic of multiples ...  

By the warmth of the fireplace I sit between you. We sip our champagne and you each take turns relieving me of my layers. It's playful and we laugh. I taste the nape of her neck, she shivers. We take our time, fawning over one another with ravenous caress. Warm skin, like ocean waves, crashing together. An indulgent flow, encouraging each other's rise to multiple peaks. Sighs of carnal pleasure are the soundtrack of the evening. Content and equally drained, we lie in an entangled embrace, endorphins pumping, reveling in an encounter none of us will soon forget.

We thrive when surrounded by those who listen; who speak and share from loving places, and who motivate us to be our best selves.  ~Rx

I embrace supportive communities where strengths are encouraged and individual sparkle is celebrated.


I would love to connect with other providers and find out how we might complement each other’s charm.

If you are a colleague who is interested in growing your cheerleading network please contact me at:



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